We believe the HOLY SCRIPTURES, the 66 canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, are given by inspiration of God.


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The King James Bible Research Council (KJBRC) is an organization dedicated to promoting the King James Bible and other traditional texts around the world in a solid and sensible way.

We believe the King James Version preserves, by accurate translation, the inerrancy of the Greek Received Text and the Hebrew/Aramaic Masoretic text for English speaking people.

We have four primary goals:
1. To do research on the King James Bible and other traditional texts.
2. To provide publications and media to promote the King James Bible.
3. To provide a Speakers Bureau for churches, colleges, schools.
4. To provide the person in the pew understandable, positive, clear information, about the superiority of the King James Bible.

If you are interested in the work and ministry of the KJBRC join our email list by sending us an email and ask to be added. Our email address is [email protected]

Standing For The Enduring Words of God