We believe the HOLY SCRIPTURES, the 66 canonical books of the Old and New Testaments, are given by inspiration of God.

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The Corruption of God’s Word

Three Events That Brought An End To The Dark Ages

The Bibles of The Martyrs

Wildwood Baptist Church King James Bible Research Conference Messages

2014 Annual Meeting November 2nd, - November 4th

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The Corruption of the Eclectic Textual Criticism by Dr. Lance T. Ketchum

Deception of Dynamic Equivalence by Gary Mann

How to Keep the KJV Issue Before your People by Dr. Randy King

Millenials and the King James Bible by Jared Lonsine

What is the Harm With Other Versions? by Mark Reno

The History of the KJV and How It has Been Used to Shape Christianity by Jason Georges

Lessons Learned from a Thousand Translations by Phil Stringer

The Transmission Trees by Doug Levesque

Great Was the Company by Stephen Zeinner

Things that are Different are Not the Same by Dr. David Brown

Traditional Text: History & Manifestation in the KJV by David Sorenson

Walking in the Footsteps of the Bible Translators by Dr. David Brown

Dealing with Different People about the KJV by Dan Haifley

Prove All Things by Phil Stringer

Ten Tests for A Reliable Bible Translation by Phil Stringer

The Bible and Christianity by Phil Stringer

Plantation Baptist Church King James Bible Research Conference Messages

February 28 to March 1, 2023


“Why we use the King James Bible” – Dr. Brown


“The Accuracy & Faithfulness of the KJB” – Dr. Williams


“Choosing the Right Text & Method” – Dr. Zeinner


“The Last 12 Verses of Mark” – Dr. Stringer” – Dr. Zeinner


“Seven Fallacies of Modern Bible Versions” – Dr. Sorenson


“Understanding the Battle Over Bible Versions” – Dr. Brown


“Proper Defense of the King James Bible” – Dr. Stringer